The 4 Week KETO Challenge: A guided introduction to the ketogenic diet.

We've done all the work for you for less than the cost of a meal out!

The biggest challenge every person faces with adopting new eating habits is having to learn the how, what, when, how much, and why.

This is why we have done the research, read the books, listened to podcasts from the experts and prepared a 4-week Keto Challenge that will allow you to safely become keto-adapted and experience how your body responds to a ketogenic style of eating without having to do all of the work yourself!

In this challenge you will learn:

  • Most common keto mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Different styles of intermittent fasting and which works best for you (if any)

  • How to create menus that have the right amount of macro AND micro nutrients

  • Strategies to avoid the "keto flu" as you transition from burning carbs to burning fats

  • How to evaluate your progress and tweak your intake according to your individual responses.

  • How to prepare keto-approved meal plans that are tasty AND easy to make.

  • Pretty much everything you need to know in order to try out a new style of eating from the way you have been eating!

Member price: $40 (Spouses / other family members can participate with you free of charge!) / Non-member price: $60

September 16th-October 14th

KORE Wellness 1311B Rosewood Dr. Columbia, SC 29201